Can’t wait for Gossip Girl Season 2? With the trouble with the writers’ strike, we’re in for a full 24-episode season the second time around!
So, yeah, I can’t wait. I’m going to do a Gossip Girl marathon today so tune on Wednesday (before that, the site might still be a bit buggy) for

  • simple and sweet episode guides — coz I’ll be watching them all again! Yay!
  • catch up and find out the latest dish on the GG stars and characters
  • inter-related posts on the topics
  • listen to music from the show
  • how to subscribe to updates so you’re first to know!
  • what I think of next… we’ll see!

I’ll be posting that on Tribeca Star Lounge ( — that’s the name of the hotel in the book that they now set at The Palace.
My friends set up a community/forum that just looks so adorable. I think it’s called vanilla. I’m wondering if I should continue setting that up for you guys? Or maybe we’ll just stick to the blog comments?