Time to get to know Serena van der Woodsen a bit before the show starts!

Serena van der Woodsen

Serena van der Woodsen Because Im Worth It Gossip Girl

  • Age: 18
  • Level: 12th Grade
  • School: Constance Billard
  • Played by: Blake Lively
  • Address: across Metropolitan Museum of Art


  • Best friend of Blair Waldorf since first grade
  • Family: Eric
  • Dated: Nate Archibald (sort of), Dan Humphrey, Flow (65 Band), Aaron Rose

Serena van der Woodsen CW Gossip Girl TV Show Grand CentralSerena van der Woodsen is the most beautiful girl in the world. She’s the girl who looks good without making any effort, who the tackiest clothes look good, who we all love to hate. She can get too outrageous (or spontaneous, whatever) that she got kicked out of her boarding school in Europe because she frolicked in Southern France. She can’t stick to one guy for more than a week but she is totally devoted to whoever she’s into.

Serena, Blair, and Nate were always the awesome threesome until Serena went away to Hanover Academy. Blair waged war on Serena when she first got back, especially when she found out that her boyfriend Nate had slept with Serena in their sophomore year.

Serena and Blair have been best friends since first grade. You don’t just totally give up girlfriends like that.