Gossip Girl

Can’t wait for Gossip Girl Season 2? With the trouble with the writers’ strike, we’re in for a full 24-episode season the second time around!
So, yeah, I can’t wait. I’m going to do a Gossip Girl marathon today so tune on Wednesday (before that, the site might still be a bit buggy) for

  • simple and sweet episode guides — coz I’ll be watching them all again! Yay!
  • catch up and find out the latest dish on the GG stars and characters
  • inter-related posts on the topics
  • listen to music from the show
  • how to subscribe to updates so you’re first to know!
  • what I think of next… we’ll see!

I’ll be posting that on Tribeca Star Lounge (www.tribecastar.com) — that’s the name of the hotel in the book that they now set at The Palace.
My friends set up a community/forum that just looks so adorable. I think it’s called vanilla. I’m wondering if I should continue setting that up for you guys? Or maybe we’ll just stick to the blog comments?



I’ve been reading about these Gossip Girl widgets from cwtv.com. I haven’t found them yet… are they really already up or am I just missing the obvious?

Anyway, I’m back from my trip to Hong Kong! Guess what?

The CW network is orchestrating “Gossip Girl” viewing parties at 20 sororities around the county.

The CW is creating “Gossip Girl” widgets that will play clips from the show and run real-life gossip news via an RSS feed supplied by People.com. The widgets will be available on and in CW banner ads through other sites.

In addition, CW has created a virtual replica of Manhattan’s Upper East Side for “Gossip Girl” that allows viewers to create avatars and become virtual residents visiting the same New York locations the series’ characters frequent. Fans also can use clips from the series to create their own “Gossip Girl” music videos, which can include personal pictures and videos and be distributed through mobile devices.

Source: New media, new ideas tout shows for fall

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