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I loved The O.C. so much I got DVD copies. I love the Gossip Girl books quite a lot too but I never really thought of comparing them. Everyone’s saying Gossip Girl is The O.C. 2.0 or The O.C. set in New York but I really think Gossip Girl has its own place. I mean come on, I never wished I could be Marissa or Summer. Well, okay, watching Summer and Seth make me get all mushy but it’s not the same longing you get reading about Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf. I even relate to Jenny Humphrey with her big boobs and insecurities — there’s at least one Gossip Girl you can identify with or wish you were. The O.C. doesn’t have that kind of effect.

So I love hearing news about Gossip Girl! Sara Vilkomerson wrote in The New York Observer (published on my birthday!) about the tapings for the Gossip Girl TV show. Josh deals with the issue of The O.C. on the Upper East Side:

“In the book Dan lived on the Upper West Side, which I felt was a little subtle for the rest of the world,” said Mr. Schwartz. “We moved him to Brooklyn, which is apparently our new Chino.” Well, since he brought up Chino … was he worried at all about this show just being dismissed as The O.C. on the Upper East Side? “We always say we should be so lucky as to have the same run as The O.C. had,” he said. “But they’re very different shows. Orange County is kind of a bubble. It’s a very sort of staid suburban enclave with a lot of new money. While these kids on the Upper East Side are incredibly well-traveled, well-read, worried about competing for their futures from the time they could get into the elite nursery school. There’s just a different level of pressure and focus on the future.”

Some lines from the Gossip Girl TV show:

“Do you ever feel like our whole lives are planned out for us?” one boy asks another, as they stroll through Central Park sharing a joint. “Aren’t we entitled to be happy?”
“What we’re entitled to is a trust fund,” his friend replies. “Maybe a house in the Hamptons and a prescription drug problem. … But happiness? Does not seem to be on the menu. … So smoke up, and seal the deal with Blair, ’cause you are entitled to tap that ass.”

Find out more about the tapings and interview with Josh Schwartz at The O.C. Goes N.Y.C.

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Gossip Girl TV Show premieres on September 19 on CW!

I absolutely adore the Gossip Girl books! It’s the privileged teenage life everyone else can only dream of. Cecily von Ziegesar definitely knows how to appeal to the teenage brat in all of us. Now CW’s banking in with their new show that’s touted to be the next generation The O.C.

I don’t know about that. Gossip Girls on the Upper East Side are a league of their own.

I’m keeping this blog to document a community I’m starting for Gossip Girl lovers. I’ll also share updates on the books, the tv show, the actors, rants and raves — gossip! And whatever tickles my fancy.

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